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Nicci Drzewicki


"Changing my focus for the Indalo Project from creating habitable three-dimensional spaces to developing product ranges has been a challenging and exciting personal journey. At first I was nervous about designing small objects, but working with a team of talented, creative people is wonderful and creates a supportive space for sharing ideas. The most rewarding aspect of this project has been opening myself up to the collaborative process with the craft artists and watching them grow, realise their potential and take pride in their work. As an architect and designer I have very specific skills - it has been both humbling and inspiring to work with craft artists who bring their own unique skills and material language to the product development process."

Nicci has extensive experience in architecture and interior design. Her firm, DRZ Architects, specialises in upmarket home renovations, commercial interiors and exhibition spaces. Nicci's keen eye for detail, expertise in managing complex projects and insight into the interior design retail sector makes her an invaluable partner in the Indalo Project.

"I have an overwhelming passion for all things beautiful and for creating comforting spaces. The history and integrity of spaces and objects are very important to me. I believe that beauty lies in layering and that combination, relationship, proportion and texture hold all the secrets to successful design. Combining seemingly unrelated materials is very exciting: taking something hard and uninviting, then adding a soft, warm texture, allows both to expose their own true beauty."