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Mireille van Reenen


"I really enjoy the mediation process involved in translating abstract ideas into successful products - the magic starts when someone else interprets your designs. It is a beautiful thing to see the craft artists, highly skilled and talented people who know their materials, bring those ideas to life. What distinguishes Indalo from many other design interventions is that it supports the entire process from design, through to production, marketing and sales, making sure all phases are sustainable and financially viable. It is very exciting to come in as a designer and raise the standard of craft ranges, including influencing where those products are positioned in the market."
Design has been a lifelong passion for Mireille, who studied in the fields of architecture, graphic design and illustration. Her design company, Mpress, specialises in a wide range of digital and print media. Mireillle's love for handmade things led her to develop her skills in more traditional techniques such as papermaking, needlecrafts and ceramics. She has also assisted various craft organisations in creating appropriate marketing material.
"My inspiration comes from everything and everyone around me, from keeping my eyes, ears and mind open. I am drawn to simplicity: design stripped of all that is unnecessary, without forsaking attention to detail. The ranges that I developed in collaboration with the Indalo Project have a strong sense of history, nostalgia and traditional cultural references. I also work with the idea of bringing the 'Great Outdoors' inside."